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Baby Products and Equipment Asi Bag Cooler Bag Gabag - Senja

Cold or hot storage
With technology (2 special layers)
Cold resistant up to 16 hours
Heat for at least 4 hours
Gempita Breastmilk Cooler Bag Get 2 Ice Gels is a thermal bag that is useful for storing ASI. With Indonesian-style patterns and motifs, this bag is a complement to the needs of mothers who are breastfeeding. This bag has a thermal part that is larger than other bags. Size: 26 x 16 x 14 cm

Benefits to maintain freshness of ASI, MPASI, cosmetics, food and beverage storage. Maximum cold or heat storage.
How to use Ice Gel and Cooler Bag:
For cold:
If the Ice Gel is no longer cold then put it back in the freezer
Close tightly the Cooler Bag to be airtight
Then put the Ice Gel into the Cooler Bag that will be used
After leveling the freeze, remove the Ice Gel from the Freezer.
To keep the product cool and last a long time, we recommend using a minus temperature freezer, such as a chest freezer
The initial stage of freezing input Ice Gel into the freezer / refrigerator for 24 hours so that the results can be maximum for the next stage is only 8 hours, the longer in the freezer the better the results
To be warm:
Enter Ice Gel after boiling water and reduce the heat for 5 minutes
Then put the Ice Gel into the Cooler Bag that will be used
Close tightly the Cooler Bag to be airtight
If the Ice Gel is no longer warm, then heat it again with boiling water
If the packaging breaks, Ice Gel cannot be used again
Ice Gel should not be eaten
Don't warm the Ice Gel in the Microwave
Ice Gel is non-toxic, reusable, non-runny, heat / cold resistant
Quality at economical prices
Warranty for cold quality that can last up to 16 hours and heat for at least 4 hours
Stylish, modern and practical models and color choices of Gabag can be used for various purposes (can be used as a thermal bag and diaper bag, cosmetic bag, picnic bag, etc.)

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