Baby Products and Equipment Baby Carrier Hipseat Snooby Baby - TPG 1842 Navy
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Baby Products and Equipment Baby Hipseat Snooby Baby - TPG 1842 Navy

The Latest Multifunctional Designed Hip Seat Sling Can Be Used As A Baby Carrier Or Just As A Hipseat. This Sling Uses A Strong Velcro Adhesive And Is Comfortable To Be Equipped With A Secure Buckle And Practical.

Mommy And Daddy Will Not Feel Back Pain Or Pain In The Wrist For A Long Time Carrying Period.

Sling In Place In The Middle Position Of The Body That Provides Balance In Withstanding Child Weight.

Balancing a child's body load, thus avoiding the risk of falling when carried.


* Soft and comfortable material

* Tends to be less hot, comfortable and anti-aches are used compared to baby carriers

* Light and easy to carry while traveling

* Comes with a Comfortable Baby Head Cover When Your Child Is Asleep

* Part of the Egg / Chest Can Be Removed During the Hot Summer, There Are Porous Materials Inside That Are Useful As Air Ventilation For Babies Feel Cool And Comfortable.

* Can Be Used For Little One Face Front Or Exit

* Can only be used hipseatnya

* With Comfortable Padded Padding For Carryers

* Easy use. Attach to the waist and then attach the Velcro and attach the belt. Not complicated like a sling in general.

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