Baby Products and Equipment for Hipseat Baby Snooby Baby Carriers - TPG 1943 Pink
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Baby Products and Equipment for Baby Carriers Hipseat Snooby Baby - TPG 1943 Pink

Baby Carrier - Front Carrier - Carrier There - Open it - Snobby baby Hipseat TPG1943 6 In 1 Football Sport Series Fuschia-blue & Orange blue baby carrier made from TR fabric that is ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable when used by mom & dad and practically carried while traveling has 2 sling positions (front & back). This baby carrier can be used with a max weight of 18 kg which has a hipseat feature that can be removed from the sling and buckle closure on the waist so as to increase security when holding the baby.


* Baby carrier
* Made from TR fabric so it doesn't heat and absorb sweat
* Ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable when used
* There are 6 user positions:
1 face front.
2 facing back.
3 carrying back.
4 carry without body support.
5 carry with the head cover attached.
6 carrying without head cover.
* Available Colors: Fuschia-Blue
* Volume dimensions: 31 X 25 X 21: 6000 = 3kg

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