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Baby Milk Bottle Baby Products and Equipment Philips Avent Classic Baby Bottle 260ml SCF574 / 14
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12 Sep 2018
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Baby Milk Bottle Baby Products and Equipment
Philips Avent Classic Baby Bottle 260ml SCF574 / 14

Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort *

  • Easy to clean so that hygienic is perfect
  • 1 bottle
  • 9oz / 260ml
  • Dot flow is slow
  • 1 month +
  • Anti-colic system proven to reduce colic *
  • Unlike other bottles, a clinically proven anti-colic system is now applied to the pacifier, so the bottle is more easily installed correctly. When your baby drinks, the unique valve on the pacifier will open so that air flows into the bottle, not into your baby's stomach.
  • Reduces whining, especially at night
  • Sleep and nutrition are very important for the health and joy of your baby. A randomized clinical trial has been conducted to prove whether infant milk bottle design affects "baby behavior". The Philips Avent Classic milk bottle was shown to significantly reduce whining by about 28 minutes per day compared to other bottles (46 minutes vs. 74 minutes, p = 0.05). This is proven especially at night. *
  • Babies will control the flow of milk to reduce vomiting, belching, and gas
  • Unique valve on the dot moves flexibly to the rhythm of feeding your baby. Milk only flows to the rhythm your baby wants to prevent excessive drinking and vomiting, belching, and gas.
  • Leak-free for a pleasant feeding process
  • The new Classic + bottle is designed to prevent leakage during feeding, so the suckling experience is enjoyable.
  • Wide neck and small components so easy to clean
  • With only 4 components, a wide bottle neck, and a rounded corner, this bottle is easy to clean quickly and thoroughly. Rest assured that your bottle will be completely clean in an instant.
  • Few components for quick and compact installation
  • The new Classic + bottle only has 4 components for quick and compact installation.
  • Ergonomic shape that is easy to hold
  • Thanks to its unique shape, the milk bottle is easily held and held in all directions for maximum comfort

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