Prewalker Baby Baby Shoes Mc - White Lace
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Prewalker Baby Baby Shoes Mc - White Lace

- baby prewalker shoes
- Model Styles
- Antislip prevents baby from slipping
- Comfortable to wear
- 3 sizes to choose from
Baby Prewalker Shoes Mc is a baby prewalker shoes that are very suitable for learning to walk. These shoes are very comfortable to wear by babies. The material is light and not hard does not burden the baby's foot to step. This shoe has also been equipped with anti-slip on the soles of his shoes so as to prevent the baby from falling easily.

Size (add + - 1 cm from the size of Mother's baby's feet so that the shoes are comfortable to wear):
- Sz 1: 11 cm (outsole) / 10.5 cm (insole) shoe length - approx. 0m +
- Sz 2: 11 cm (outsole) / 11.5 cm (insole) shoe length - approx. 4m +
- Sz 3: 13 cm (outsole) / 12.5 cm (insole) shoe length - approx. 8m +

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